Do you know who made your clothes? Meet the people who made our Capsule Collection

I knew from the moment I had the idea of owning my own fashion label, ethics was going to be the driving force behind it. I chose to celebrate the American worker and the great industry that was developed here at the start of the industrial revolution (yes, America is responsible for RTW) and has evolved into one of greater practices. Fashion production is not perfect in the US, (LA has improvements to work on) but having access to the factory and the people making our clothes is key to assuring our collections are produced in good working conditions.



This is Han Lee, he over saw the production of the Capsule Collection at Fine Line Studio in Manhattan, New York.

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Han and his staff were responsible to cut fabric, sew our products and package each item – ready to deliver to our customers.




Pictured here is one of the employees at Fine Line Studio – sewing the Demi Crop Top and packaging The Gia Wrap Top.






Knowing the people who make your clothes are being paid fair wages is gratifying and we are so proud to share their hard work and great skills with you.



It has always been important to us to be an ethical fashion brand with care and concern with how our clothes are being made. We are proud to be Made in the USA, where the heart of RTW was established and in New York where the concerns of factory conditions have improved the quality of garment factories and workers. We, as women are a huge buying power, it us up to us to lead the fashion revolution, buying products that are ethically made and demanding to know, “Who is making our clothes”.