Do you know who made your clothes? Meet the people who made our Capsule Collection

I knew from the moment I had the idea of owning my own fashion label, ethics was going to be the driving force behind it. I chose to celebrate the American worker and the great industry that was developed here at the start of the industrial revolution (yes, America is responsible for RTW) and has evolved into one of greater practices. Fashion production is not perfect in the US, (LA has improvements to work on) but having access to the factory and the people making our clothes is key to assuring our collections are produced in good working conditions.



This is Han Lee, he over saw the production of the Capsule Collection at Fine Line Studio in Manhattan, New York.

Image 12-14-17 at 12.14 PM (1)


Han and his staff were responsible to cut fabric, sew our products and package each item – ready to deliver to our customers.




Pictured here is one of the employees at Fine Line Studio – sewing the Demi Crop Top and packaging The Gia Wrap Top.






Knowing the people who make your clothes are being paid fair wages is gratifying and we are so proud to share their hard work and great skills with you.



It has always been important to us to be an ethical fashion brand with care and concern with how our clothes are being made. We are proud to be Made in the USA, where the heart of RTW was established and in New York where the concerns of factory conditions have improved the quality of garment factories and workers. We, as women are a huge buying power, it us up to us to lead the fashion revolution, buying products that are ethically made and demanding to know, “Who is making our clothes”.


3 Easy-to-Do Tips into a Sustainable Fashion Lifestyle

The month of June was definitely an experience for SixChel as we conducted our first, and it is safe to say, only Kickstarter campaign. It was a success for more reasons than just reaching our goal to fund our first production run. Because of the campaign, SixChel hosted a number of trunk shows and we were able to talk to you, the consumer and find out more about your thoughts on sustainable fashion. We learned that you are generally interested in living a healthier lifestyle whether it be the type of foods you put into your mouth or the type of clothes you put on your body.



I could pass along information and facts on how bad the fashion industry is for our environment, thus bad for us, but I will spare you. All I ask is that you keep an open mind into sustainable fashion and try these 3 easy-to-do tips for you to begin your journey into living a sustainable and fashionable lifestyle.


1. Alter or Re-purpose Your Clothes:

Find a local tailor/seamstress, dry cleaners or an alterations business that is able to perform alterations and repairs. Most dry cleaners do perform small Image 7-14-17 at 4.08 PMalterations and repairs on clothes. Find one you like and fits your needs. It is always a good idea to develop a good relationship with the owner and staff of the service you choose to use. Since most donated clothes do not reach people in need and are usually sent to landfills, it is always a great idea to alter and/or repair your well-made clothes.

2. Buy “Eco-Friendly” or “Conscious” from Large Brands:

label-355115_1920We are seeing larger fashion brands such as, H&M and ZARA venture into the sustainable fashion realm and are expecting more brands and companies to follow suite. As the demand for Eco-friendly, sustainable, conscious products (there are so many labels, mostly for marketing purposes) increases, more of these types of products will be made to fill that need creating more options to choose from for you to buy. So, I encourage you to purchase eco-conscious items when available. BUT I do recommend for you to still read the label and find out “how” sustainable the product truly is. Unsure? Ask the retailer questions, ask the brand questions and if you are still confused, email me and we can have a discussion about it.

3. Search the Internet for Sustainable Fashion:

There are many businesses and products with various price points mac-459196_1920
and ethical practices out there. Conduct a Google search and find the sustainable brand(s) that feels right for you. Look for items on sale or websites offering a
first time purchase discount. Styles with classic cuts and styles with a silhouette you are used to are usually great starting points when you are familiarizing yourself with a new fashion brand. Read the brand’s size chart. Ask questions. Most sustainable fashion brands are small businesses and invite conversation and/or questions about their brand and products.


Remember, the whole idea of sustainable fashion is to help create healthier lifestyles and help reduce pollution from our industry. You can help us accomplish our mission and do your part. Buy sustainable! Here are a few links to get you started:

Image 7-14-17 at 4.44 PM


H&M Conscious:

Lyocell Off-the-shoulder Dress$34.99


A great website for conscious products and brands. IMG_0710


Inspiration Quotes for #MondayMotivation, Haute in Texas and Fashion Revolution


I’m sure some of you feel as I do, the weekend was great, but just not long enough. Work is the last thing on your mind and being productive is definitely not your concern at the moment. For me, there is nothing better than reading inspirational quotes while I drink caffeine (in some form other than coffee) to spark my Monday morning. It is truly about getting your head focused on your goals and forming a game plan to achieve them. Here are 3 #MondayMotivation quotes to inspire you this beautiful Monday.

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Make it POP like pink champagne…there is no point in doing anything unless you are having fun.



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Self-Confidence is the Best Outfit, Rock It and Own It…everyone fears  a confident woman because they know she will get it done.


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Be In Love with Your Life Every Minute of It…because you may not get to tomorrow.



Designer Dish Feature – Haute In Texas

Snippet of the Haute in Texas Newsletter

I was recently interviewed for Haute In Texas, where savvy public relations meets passionate blogging influence. Aquila and I had a great conversation where we discussed SixChel, our upcoming launch and the choice between pancakes or waffles. Here is a quick snippet:

I, too am at the beginning of becoming a conscious consumer and know it is definitely a work in progress, but the little we do, is a step in the right direction. The fun part about being a consumer, is that retailers actually pay attention to our buying habits and concerns.

Elizabeth wearying The Dress made of Tencel Twill-Enzyme Washed Fabric with Vegan Leather Ties.



Me, Dina Chavez, designer of SixChel enjoying Fashion Revolution Day in Austin, TX. 

Fashion Revolution Day was April 24th and I attended my first Fashion Revolution event in Austin, TX. Held at Soma Vida, a group of designers, entrepreneurs and consumers interested in better working conditions in the fashion industry came together to discuss how we can help make a better tomorrow. Yes, you, too can help make a difference. Be curious. Find Out. Do something. Read more about Fashion Revolution and what you can do be a part of this movement.

SixChel is launching The Capsule Collection soon. Make sure you are signed up at our website: to receive information about our upcoming launch.


My Favorite Natural and Ethical Beauty Products that Work

5 Beauty Products to Try

BURT’S BEES Skin Nourishment Night Cream

It could be just me, but as I get older, my love and need for beauty products has increased. Not for purely vanity purposes, but because they make me feel good about myself. However, I do not want to put foreign chemicals that can cause more harm than good on my face. My skin is too sensitive and I do not feel the need to harm animals nor increase my chances of getting some sort of disease or illness for beauty. I am always on the hunt for natural beauty products and these are my go-to top 5 right now.

Burt’s Bees

Who They Are

You probably have heard about Burt’s Bees or have even purchased a product or two. This company has been around for a couple of decades on the mass market. Their products are made from natural ingredients with ethical practices…even the packaging is sustainable.

Why I Love It

I have been purchasing their lip balm for a number of years now and it is one of the best lip care balms on the market. The tinted lip balm is even better with a variety of natural colors for a simple day look. All of the skin care products I have used from Burt’s Bees are light with a natural feel and always leave my skin looking and feeling soft and radiant.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in Hibiscus 

“Our ingredients—right down to the packaging—are simple, natural, and responsible. We practice what we preach—and we hope to set the example for others to follow.

It’s called The Greater Good. And it’s how we’re going to help change the world”.

Native Deodorant

Who They Are

An aluminum-free and paraben-free deodorant for women and men. Made of all natural ingredients with a few scented options such as lavender and rose (the scent I use), coconut and vanilla or unscented. All deodorants are Made in the USA.

Why I Love It

It’s natural, made in the USA and it feels as if I am not wearing anything. What surprised me the most was that it was so easy to wash off. Most importantly, it works!

Native Deodorant in Coconut & Vanilla



“Leading antiperspirants contain aluminum, which is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Native Deodorant is aluminum-free and paraben-free”.


 Shea Moisture

Who They Are

“We are natural, organic, sustainably-produced goodness. Made with love for you and your body. Pioneering fair trade through Community Commerce at home and abroad. We strive to be sulfate free, paraben free and more, whenever possible. Tested on our family for four generations. Never on animals”.

Why I Love It

The main product I use from Shea Moisture is their African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask. When I notice my face breaking out a bit more or if it’s a bit dull, I apply a layer of the mud mask on my face and apply extra over the blemished spots. It leaves an invigorating feeling, brightens my face and reduces redness along with decreasing the appearance of blemishes.

Shea Moisture African Soap Clarifying Mud Mask

Andalou Naturals

Who They Are

An all natural beauty line believing beauty is you. They are the first beauty brand to achieve 100% Non-GMO Project Verification on all of their products. Today, they are the #1 natural skin care brand on the market.

Why I Love It

I have been using the Polished to Perfection – Konjac Facial Sponge Duo and the natural exfoliation from the sponges leaves my skin silky-smooth. The anti-aging sponge has helped decrease the appearance of those laugh lines around my eyes. The green tea sponge definitely illuminates my face making me feel energized and younger.

ANDALOU naturals Polished to Perfection Konjac Facial Sponge Duo




“Superior Source Ingredient Standards include Non-GMO Project Verified and Gluten Free Verified, Certified Organic, Organic, Nature Derived, Vegetarian, Vegan, Sustainably Sourced and Fair Trade Ingredients, and always Cruelty Free”.


Who They Are

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils available through Wellness Advocates creating a personal buying experience. Their oils come from farmers in over 40 countries. Through the Global Botanical Network, doTERRA supports generational farmers creating ethical jobs around the world.

doTERRA Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo

Why I Love IT

I had been on a shampoo and conditioner hunt for a few months since my hair had become dry, hard and flat. Initially, I thought, “shampoo with essential oils, it’s just going to leave my hair oily and stringy”. The opposite has happened. My hair is soft, the color is as bright as the first day of my treatment and my hair is actually easier to style.

doTERRA Salon Essentials Smoothing Conditioner





I am a huge advocate of telling women and especially young girls that beauty is not the most important component of who they are. However, I still love to feel beautiful and look as if I am not aging.

There will always be a need to find the best natural beauty products that are right for me and I encourage you to find your own and experiment with them. You will be surprised by the results and notice that they are as good as your department store non-natural products. If you have a list of your favorite natural beauty products, let us know and tell us why you love them by clicking on “Leave a comment” under the main headline at the top of the page. Thanks!


Celebrating 3 Women Activists During Women’s History Month

Making Progress for Women’s Equality

Feminism and equality for women is not a new idea. This didn’t come from hippie, oversexed, crazy women who hate men. Women for centuries have always fought for equality and it is a need that is way overdue. Here are 3 women who have made strides in creating an environment of equality for women.

Maud Wood Park

Maude Wood Park                                Activist

Who She Is

An activist who fought for women to have the right to vote. She was the first national president of the League of Women Voters. Maud formed and was the chairperson of the Women’s Joint Congressional Committee. This committee lobbied congress to pass legislation in favor of women, pregnant women and infants.

Why She Is Awesome

One of her accomplishments, The Cable Act of 1922, gave immigrant, married women independent citizenship. Sheppard-Towner Maternity and Infancy Protection Act of 1921 is another of her accomplishments. This Act gave federal aid to state programs for mothers and newborns to help reduce the growing mortality rate of that era.

Dolores Huerta

Who She Is

Co-founder, organizer and negotiator of the United Farm Workers Association. Known to be one of the most influential labor activists and leaders of the Chicano Movement. Advocate for farm workers, immigrants, women and children.

Dolores Huerta fighting for better working conditions for farm workers.

Why She Is Awesome

While Dolores was a teacher in California, she realized she could no longer stand to see the poor children of farm workers suffering any more. She quickly, became an organizer for farm workers negotiating on their behalf for better working conditions including pesticides that were not as harmful and healthcare benefits. Because of her work, the California Agricultural Labor Relations Act of 1975 was signed into legislation. This “allowed farm workers to form unions and bargain for better wages and conditions”.

Dolores Huerta                                Activist

“Throughout the 1970s and ‘80s, Huerta worked as a lobbyist to improve workers’ legislative representation. During the 1990s and 2000s, she worked to elect more Latinos and women to political office and has championed women’s issues”.  -National Women’s History Museum



Gloria De Leon

Who She Is

Gloria De Leon                               Activist and Co-Founder of NHI

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of the National Hispanic Institute. As Gloria worked in various government positions in both the state and federal levels, she knew there was a need for an avenue for Latino leadership and co-created NHI to serve as a Latino Leadership Institution. NHI has worked with 120 higher education institutions and with over 70, 000 students from across the nation.

Why She Is Awesome

Gloria has been an advocate for Latino leadership since the 1970’s creating an avenue for young Latinos to succeed in education, government and leadership. I first met Gloria in college as she was 1 of our amazing advisors for my sorority and eventually became 1 of my sorority sisters. Gloria led us to believe that as women, there may be barriers, but we could overcome them and accomplish our own goals. She encouraged us to recognize the need for change within our community and to find the solutions that would demand that change.



I asked Gloria to share a bit of herself with us and gave her 5 questions to answer.

1. Do you see yourself as a woman who has made a positive impact?

Yes!  My favorite quote is “People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do.”  I purposely placed myself in environments where my voice and actions would be seen and felt by specific audiences — national and international youth as co-founder of the National Hispanic Institute; emerging Latina leaders as the longest serving advisor to Kappa Delta Chi; and a positive representative of my roots — McAllen, the Rio Grande Valley and my alma mater, UT-RGV.

2. Who was the woman you wanted to emulate as you were set out to accomplish your goals?

My mother, Herlinda Ovalle De Leon modeled the way for each life goal.   Like many daughters, I was amazed at the strength, stamina and sacrifice of my mother. My epiphany was two-fold.  One, my mother could have accomplished so much had she been privileged to access education, financial stability, and options beyond marriage, children and minimum wage employment. Second, while she fulfilled all the traditional roles, she unconsciously diverted mine.  Instead of household chores, she encouraged me to read.  She challenged me NOT to “grow up to fast” and enjoy my youth.  Subsequently, I steered away from serious relationships, graduated from college, traveled, lived on my own, moved away from home, created financial security long before I settled down with my husband.  I made choices people still don’t understand, such as foregoing bearing children.  But in 2017, my Mother’s 100th birthday, I live the life she envisioned for me– defined by choices best for me.

3. Where would you like to see women’s role in the future and is it up to us to truly seek equality?

Equality.  While I love the purest sense of the word, and can envision it, I express a linguistic concern.   It’s akin to the movie “Desperately Seeking Susan” or the song, “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places”.  It becomes an elusive, unattainable, David and Goliath fight. My point is don’t get caught in something you can’t define.

The best advice is “go with your strength”.  When I see women roles in the future, I see products, industries, services that can uniquely belong in a woman’s space — where WE ARE THE EXPERTS. (Could SPANX have been conceived by anyone other than Susan Blakely?).

In the world of tomorrow, we need to stop asking what is the problem we need to solve, i.e. equality and focus on what is the ASSET we need to leverage.  Women can be the best, most competent in areas uniquely inspired by the life they have lived, the obstacles they have faced, and the resolve they can define for themselves.

4. There are a number of sex strikes through out history that were successful. With today’s clout over sexism and women’s rights, should we as a mass conduct in sex strikes to “wake people up” about the reality of sexism in America today?

Wow, I have to admit that sex strikes are an interesting strategy.  But what would women have to admit — that sex is our strongest negotiating tool?  Or that men cannot function without sex? And, women could only negotiate with heterosexual males.   When I think of WHO makes decisions affecting women, I think of OLDER men.  Will this strategy work since 57% of men between age 57-85 years old with partners are interested in sex? (

Might work on a small scale, targeting certain male age groups, such as college campuses, but don’t know 100% of women would support it.

5. Do you have words of advice for younger women who seek a need for equality?

Equality is a state of mind.  I would suggest young women master resiliency. Learn everything you can about how easily life can sidetrack, detour, or destroy YOUR life.  Surround yourself with master mentors, not just girlfriends.  The only way to learn strength and resiliency is to be open to the honest feedback of a contrary opinion.  A master mentor is one who will give you the hard facts, but will productively devote the time to positively redirect your thinking.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, write an email, invite someone for coffee.  All the women I’ve been privileged to know over my lifetime have been very generous with their time.  I think it’s the greatest compliment anyone can give you when you reach out to someone and say, I want to learn from you.


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5 Blogs to Follow for Style, Inspiration and Wellness

My go-to Blogs Right Now

Above Photo:  Instagram Post via @whowhatwear

I have recently become a blog junkie. There is nothing better than reading a blog of style or inspiration, local or national that gets my brain working in the right direction. I have a long list of blogs I subscribe to right now, but there are a few that I am always following that have been catching my eye as of late.

Nationally Known Blog

Who What Wear


Fashion + Style Decoded

Who What Wear is the leading online destination for aspirational yet accessible fashion content that is elevated, serviceable, and 100% shoppable. Through trend reports, celebrity style guides, wardrobe how-tos, and the latest in fashion news, Who What Wear is your one-stop style resource.

Why I Love It

There is usually a list of style advice that is easy to transform into your personal style. I especially love the occasional “French-girl” style advice you can find on Who What Wear.

ATX Blogs

Dressed to Kill Austin (DTK)    


Dressed to Kill owner, Ashley Hargrove, is a commercial advertising wardrobe stylist, model

Instagram Post via @dtkaustin 

and fashion blogger sharing her personal style and tips as well as behind the scenes of her many advertising projects. Ashley has styled and modeled for many well-known companies and brands including Neiman Marcus, BMW, Bud Light and many more.

Why I Love It

Ashley’s style is beyond Austin. It is refreshing to see fashion elevated beyond flip flops in the ATX.

Camille Styles


A Healthy Life. Well Styled.

Every moment is an opportunity to inspire, create, and explore. Here at Camille Styles, we focus on the daily decisions that allow us to embrace those opportunities. Discover a fresh approach to style through fun ideas for the wardrobe and home.

Collage of Instagram Posts via @camillestyles

Try delicious market-fresh recipes that are perfect for dinner tonight. Take advice from inspiring influencers on health, fitness, fashion, beauty, and professional goals at a site that views every aspect of clean living through a glamorous lens. We hope to inspire healthy choices and happy, beautiful lives.

What I Love About It

I just found Camille Styles’ blog a couple of weeks ago and was immediately drawn to the healthy aspect of the blog. She is also very interactive on IG and it makes it feel personal, like she is your friend and is encouraging you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Inspiration Blog

Woman on the Fence


This blog was created for all women who have ever been on the fence… In Life. In Business. In Love. In anything. Period.

We are bright. We are dynamic. We are educated. We are perfectionists. We are tired. We love our husbands. We hate our husbands. We love our kids. Our kids annoy us. We want to work. We can’t juggle it all. We expect two dozen roses on our anniversary. We give. We get. We’re happy. We’re discouraged. We’re intuitive. We’re funny.

Instagram Post via @ericadiamond – Blogger of Woman on the Fence 


We’re women. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Native. Through it all, we stick together.
Therefore my ladies, the goal of this Blog is to teach, inspire and unite all women. To let you all vent your frustrations about living life on the fence. It’s time to make a move. It’s time to GET OFF THE FENCE! It’s time to make up or break up. It’s time to quit your job. It’s time to enroll in medical school. It’s time to come out of the closet. It’s time to speak your truth. It’s time to start LIVING YOUR LIFE!

Why I Love It

Do I need to tell you after just reading their about story? It inspires me to achieve my goals no matter what and Woman on the Fence always gets me thinking in the right direction.


Peaceful Dumpling


Article posted by Peaceful Dumpling “Sorry, French Ladies. This Spanish Beauty Secret for Firm Skin is Game-Changing”.

PD is where you can find your latest healthy eating and health news, holistic tips, fitness and yoga tutorials; cruelty-free, feel-good beauty ideas; delicious vegan recipes; eco-friendly style and conscious living tips; and your motivation, inspiration, confidence, and kindness. We could tell you that we’ve accomplished it, but our readers said it best!

Why I Love It

This blog has so many different eliminates to it’s heathy lifestyle message.  From sustainable clothes to vegan recipes and an overall positive attitude.

But I’ve been doing my best to effect change through writing, which comes very naturally to me. You have something only you can do so well, and the key is to be the best version of that. Don’t feel tempted to imitate–you can be the most effective if you’re staying true to yourself.     -Peaceful Dumpling

Celebrating Innovation in Fashion During Women’s History Month

Fashion has always been a revolutionary and evolving practice amongst all cultures, creeds and the sexes. It is in women’s fashion where some of the most intriguing innovations have occurred and Women’s History Month is the perfect time to highlight the fun, creative and progressive innovators that have and are changing women’s fashion.

Three Women Who Innovated Fashion

Fashion has always been a revolutionary and evolving practice amongst all cultures, creeds and the sexes. It is in women’s fashion where some of the most intriguing innovations have occurred and Women’s History Month is the perfect time to highlight the fun, creative and progressive innovators that have and are changing women’s fashion.

The Rebel

Married at 14 and Queen at 19, Marie Antoinette was considered

Marie Antoinette

the most beautiful and fashionable, hated woman in France in the mid to late 1700’s. She quickly became “scandalous” as upon her arrival to France to marry the future King Louis XVI, she refused to wear her corset. During her younger years, Marie Antoinette was known as the first ever shopaholic devoting her life to fashion as she was not allowed to dabble into politics.

As she became a mother, her fashion matured and she wanted more simple and flowing dresses which became known as “The Queen’s Shirt”. This was a societal problem because Queens were not allowed to wear a “maid’s dress”.

Jimmy Bakius for Sweedish Elle: Marie Antoinette Ballet Couture Photo Credit: Pinterest


Marie Antoinette’s legacy in fashion has continued to thrive after her death. To this day, she is still a fashion icon and her style inspires the greatest courtiers of the world like John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld.


The Kept Woman

Coco Chanel, whose real name is Gabrielle was the innovator of comfort in women’s fashion. Chanel is the basis of sportswear (sportswear in the fashion world is what is worn during the day, not clothes you wear to play sports).

Coco Chanel                                        Photo Credit: Pinterest


This innovation began with a dress she made out of jersey fabric.  It was from this jersey dress that Chanel’s business expanded.  In the 1920’s, The Suit was created by Coco which she modeled after a man’s suit looking for comfort which was the complete opposite of the trends of that time. Another innovation and my ultimate favorite is The Little Black Dress, a staple in today’s closet. With the creative mind of Karl Lagerfeld Chanel is still on top as a multi-million dollar luxury business and one of today’s most recognizable luxury brands with their signature strands of pearls, quilted purses and yes, The Suit.

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. – Coco Chanel

The Entrepreneur

Shannon Whitehead Lohr             Sustainable Fashion Advocate – Founder of Factory 45

It is amazing what you can do today with technology and because of it fashion is evolving and opportunities are growing all because of innovators like Shannon Whitehead Lohr. For the past year, I am proud to say that I have been working with Shannon, the founder and CEO of Factory 45, an avenue to take idea to launch for sustainable fashion companies being produced in the Unites States. We are currently living in an environmental crisis and many fashionistas, entrepreneurs and consumers are taking action through the fashion industry to find solutions to the problem. After starting her own sustainable clothing company, Shannon realized that there was a need to assist other fashion brands that wanted to accomplish the same ethical and sustainable practices she strives to achieve.

Takes sustainable apparel companies from idea to production.

Factory45 is the result of that idea and Shannon has now worked with over 150 companies to help accomplish their goals. “She’s been named thought leader for the future of fashion by Ecouterre and Triple Pundit”. As a fashion innovator, I asked Shannon if she could share a few thoughts with us. I asked her 5 questions and her responses are below.

The Questions

 • Do you see yourself as a woman who has made a positive impact today? 

I like to think so. I’m not perfect, by any means, but in every decision I make I’m conscious of doing what I believe is right.

• Who was the woman you wanted to emulate as you set out to accomplish your goals? 

I don’t think there was one woman in particular who I idolized or tried to emulate — I think I mostly just set out to be a woman that I could personally respect. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror everyday and be proud of the person I’ve become and for me, that means having integrity and doing what I say I’m going to do.

Instagram Post via @factory45co

It’s really important to me to be a woman that can be relied on, is level headed, down to earth and relatable. I don’t want to ever be an “internet celebrity” or “guru” — I just want to be someone who helps other people create beautiful and conscious products.

• Where would you like to see women’s roles in the future and is it up to us to truly seek equality? 

Equal pay and paid maternity leave would be a start. I’m lucky to have worked for myself my entire career so although it doesn’t directly affect me, it’s something that I still feel very strongly about.

And I don’t believe it’s solely up to us, as women, to seek equality. The majority of positions of power are made up of men, so where does that leave us? You can only get so far when you’re slogging through mud on a 90 degree slope. Both men and women need to be apart of the solution — and there are no excuses not to be.

I believe being a feminist should be a non-partisan position.

• There are a number of sex strikes throughout history that were successful. With today’s clout over sexism and women’s rights, should we as a mass conduct in sex strikes to “wake people up” about the reality of sexism in America today? 

Sure. I’m all for thinking outside the box and doing whatever we can to bring attention to the movement. The Women’s March and #DayWithoutAWoman were great starts and have definitely helped to enliven the conversation.

Instagram Post via @factory45co

• Do you have words of advice for younger women who seek a need for equality? 

Don’t be apathetic. My fellow white women can use their privilege to help our minority sisters, and we shouldn’t be afraid to. Speak out when you see instances of injustice and don’t shut down. There are a lot of reasons to be silent, but there are even more reasons to be on the right side of history.



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