3 Easy-to-Do Tips into a Sustainable Fashion Lifestyle

The month of June was definitely an experience for SixChel as we conducted our first, and it is safe to say, only Kickstarter campaign. It was a success for more reasons than just reaching our goal to fund our first production run. Because of the campaign, SixChel hosted a number of trunk shows and we were able to talk to you, the consumer and find out more about your thoughts on sustainable fashion. We learned that you are generally interested in living a healthier lifestyle whether it be the type of foods you put into your mouth or the type of clothes you put on your body.



I could pass along information and facts on how bad the fashion industry is for our environment, thus bad for us, but I will spare you. All I ask is that you keep an open mind into sustainable fashion and try these 3 easy-to-do tips for you to begin your journey into living a sustainable and fashionable lifestyle.


1. Alter or Re-purpose Your Clothes:

Find a local tailor/seamstress, dry cleaners or an alterations business that is able to perform alterations and repairs. Most dry cleaners do perform small Image 7-14-17 at 4.08 PMalterations and repairs on clothes. Find one you like and fits your needs. It is always a good idea to develop a good relationship with the owner and staff of the service you choose to use. Since most donated clothes do not reach people in need and are usually sent to landfills, it is always a great idea to alter and/or repair your well-made clothes.

2. Buy “Eco-Friendly” or “Conscious” from Large Brands:

label-355115_1920We are seeing larger fashion brands such as, H&M and ZARA venture into the sustainable fashion realm and are expecting more brands and companies to follow suite. As the demand for Eco-friendly, sustainable, conscious products (there are so many labels, mostly for marketing purposes) increases, more of these types of products will be made to fill that need creating more options to choose from for you to buy. So, I encourage you to purchase eco-conscious items when available. BUT I do recommend for you to still read the label and find out “how” sustainable the product truly is. Unsure? Ask the retailer questions, ask the brand questions and if you are still confused, email me and we can have a discussion about it.

3. Search the Internet for Sustainable Fashion:

There are many businesses and products with various price points mac-459196_1920
and ethical practices out there. Conduct a Google search and find the sustainable brand(s) that feels right for you. Look for items on sale or websites offering a
first time purchase discount. Styles with classic cuts and styles with a silhouette you are used to are usually great starting points when you are familiarizing yourself with a new fashion brand. Read the brand’s size chart. Ask questions. Most sustainable fashion brands are small businesses and invite conversation and/or questions about their brand and products.


Remember, the whole idea of sustainable fashion is to help create healthier lifestyles and help reduce pollution from our industry. You can help us accomplish our mission and do your part. Buy sustainable! Here are a few links to get you started:

Image 7-14-17 at 4.44 PM


H&M Conscious:

Lyocell Off-the-shoulder Dress$34.99






A great website for conscious products and brands. IMG_0710


Author: sixchelbydinachavezblog

Fashion Designer at SixChel: An ethical, sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman.

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