Inspiration Quotes for #MondayMotivation, Haute in Texas and Fashion Revolution


I’m sure some of you feel as I do, the weekend was great, but just not long enough. Work is the last thing on your mind and being productive is definitely not your concern at the moment. For me, there is nothing better than reading inspirational quotes while I drink caffeine (in some form other than coffee) to spark my Monday morning. It is truly about getting your head focused on your goals and forming a game plan to achieve them. Here are 3 #MondayMotivation quotes to inspire you this beautiful Monday.

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Make it POP like pink champagne…there is no point in doing anything unless you are having fun.



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Self-Confidence is the Best Outfit, Rock It and Own It…everyone fears  a confident woman because they know she will get it done.


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Be In Love with Your Life Every Minute of It…because you may not get to tomorrow.



Designer Dish Feature – Haute In Texas

Snippet of the Haute in Texas Newsletter

I was recently interviewed for Haute In Texas, where savvy public relations meets passionate blogging influence. Aquila and I had a great conversation where we discussed SixChel, our upcoming launch and the choice between pancakes or waffles. Here is a quick snippet:

I, too am at the beginning of becoming a conscious consumer and know it is definitely a work in progress, but the little we do, is a step in the right direction. The fun part about being a consumer, is that retailers actually pay attention to our buying habits and concerns.

Elizabeth wearying The Dress made of Tencel Twill-Enzyme Washed Fabric with Vegan Leather Ties.



Me, Dina Chavez, designer of SixChel enjoying Fashion Revolution Day in Austin, TX. 

Fashion Revolution Day was April 24th and I attended my first Fashion Revolution event in Austin, TX. Held at Soma Vida, a group of designers, entrepreneurs and consumers interested in better working conditions in the fashion industry came together to discuss how we can help make a better tomorrow. Yes, you, too can help make a difference. Be curious. Find Out. Do something. Read more about Fashion Revolution and what you can do be a part of this movement.

SixChel is launching The Capsule Collection soon. Make sure you are signed up at our website: to receive information about our upcoming launch.


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Fashion Designer at SixChel: An ethical, sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman.

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