5 Blogs to Follow for Style, Inspiration and Wellness

My go-to Blogs Right Now

Above Photo:  Instagram Post via @whowhatwear

I have recently become a blog junkie. There is nothing better than reading a blog of style or inspiration, local or national that gets my brain working in the right direction. I have a long list of blogs I subscribe to right now, but there are a few that I am always following that have been catching my eye as of late.

Nationally Known Blog

Who What Wear


Fashion + Style Decoded

Who What Wear is the leading online destination for aspirational yet accessible fashion content that is elevated, serviceable, and 100% shoppable. Through trend reports, celebrity style guides, wardrobe how-tos, and the latest in fashion news, Who What Wear is your one-stop style resource.

Why I Love It

There is usually a list of style advice that is easy to transform into your personal style. I especially love the occasional “French-girl” style advice you can find on Who What Wear.

ATX Blogs

Dressed to Kill Austin (DTK)    


Dressed to Kill owner, Ashley Hargrove, is a commercial advertising wardrobe stylist, model

Instagram Post via @dtkaustin 

and fashion blogger sharing her personal style and tips as well as behind the scenes of her many advertising projects. Ashley has styled and modeled for many well-known companies and brands including Neiman Marcus, BMW, Bud Light and many more.

Why I Love It

Ashley’s style is beyond Austin. It is refreshing to see fashion elevated beyond flip flops in the ATX.

Camille Styles


A Healthy Life. Well Styled.

Every moment is an opportunity to inspire, create, and explore. Here at Camille Styles, we focus on the daily decisions that allow us to embrace those opportunities. Discover a fresh approach to style through fun ideas for the wardrobe and home.

Collage of Instagram Posts via @camillestyles

Try delicious market-fresh recipes that are perfect for dinner tonight. Take advice from inspiring influencers on health, fitness, fashion, beauty, and professional goals at a site that views every aspect of clean living through a glamorous lens. We hope to inspire healthy choices and happy, beautiful lives.

What I Love About It

I just found Camille Styles’ blog a couple of weeks ago and was immediately drawn to the healthy aspect of the blog. She is also very interactive on IG and it makes it feel personal, like she is your friend and is encouraging you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Inspiration Blog

Woman on the Fence


This blog was created for all women who have ever been on the fence… In Life. In Business. In Love. In anything. Period.

We are bright. We are dynamic. We are educated. We are perfectionists. We are tired. We love our husbands. We hate our husbands. We love our kids. Our kids annoy us. We want to work. We can’t juggle it all. We expect two dozen roses on our anniversary. We give. We get. We’re happy. We’re discouraged. We’re intuitive. We’re funny.

Instagram Post via @ericadiamond – Blogger of Woman on the Fence 


We’re women. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Native. Through it all, we stick together.
Therefore my ladies, the goal of this Blog is to teach, inspire and unite all women. To let you all vent your frustrations about living life on the fence. It’s time to make a move. It’s time to GET OFF THE FENCE! It’s time to make up or break up. It’s time to quit your job. It’s time to enroll in medical school. It’s time to come out of the closet. It’s time to speak your truth. It’s time to start LIVING YOUR LIFE!

Why I Love It

Do I need to tell you after just reading their about story? It inspires me to achieve my goals no matter what and Woman on the Fence always gets me thinking in the right direction.


Peaceful Dumpling


Article posted by Peaceful Dumpling “Sorry, French Ladies. This Spanish Beauty Secret for Firm Skin is Game-Changing”.

PD is where you can find your latest healthy eating and health news, holistic tips, fitness and yoga tutorials; cruelty-free, feel-good beauty ideas; delicious vegan recipes; eco-friendly style and conscious living tips; and your motivation, inspiration, confidence, and kindness. We could tell you that we’ve accomplished it, but our readers said it best!

Why I Love It

This blog has so many different eliminates to it’s heathy lifestyle message.  From sustainable clothes to vegan recipes and an overall positive attitude.

But I’ve been doing my best to effect change through writing, which comes very naturally to me. You have something only you can do so well, and the key is to be the best version of that. Don’t feel tempted to imitate–you can be the most effective if you’re staying true to yourself.     -Peaceful Dumpling

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Fashion Designer at SixChel: An ethical, sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman.

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