Why Ethical???

Why I chose ethical fashion for SixChel and a glimpse into making the samples for The Capsule Collection.

If I have worked with you recently at one of the fabulously produced Fashion X Fashion Shows in Austin, Dallas or Houston OR if I personally know you, you may know that SixChel will re-launch this coming Spring to be an ethical and sustainable fashion brand. As I’ve studied fashion and worked in the industry for a number of years, I have learned of the harshness it brings to our environment, society and ourselves.

Sustainable Fabric Samples


There is no easy way of saying this, but the clothes you wear, though gorgeous or functional, are hazardous and are a growing problem to ALL of us. They more than likely were made in an underdeveloped country with poor labor standards as well as responsible for most of the pollution in the world (the fashion industry is the second largest contributor to pollution  according to ecowatch.com).  As consumer interest of ethical and sustainable products grows, it is up to us in the fashion industry to provide more product choices to the consumer as well as do what we can to see these products become a staple in our industry. However, we are not yet at the point where products will be 100% sustainable or ethical, but doing as much as we can is progress and progress is ALWAYS good.


So, what does ETHICAL mean?

Ethical Fashion is an umbrella term to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare.

-vam.ac.uk, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2016

I decided long ago that the one thing I would not give up as I began my fashion label was where and how I would make my products. Being Made in America with good labor conditions and good

Wrap Halter Top: Available in a teal, bamboo cotton jersey with rose gold vegan leather straps/tie.

pay has always been important to me. I believe that the work that goes into constructing a product should be rewarded fairly, because when the person making your product loves their work, the product is just going to be that much better. Fast fashion has created an acceptance of poor treatment and harsh working conditions (child workers, an unhygienic environment, very little pay, etc.) and WE (yes, I’m guilty of this, too) have given an, “okay” to the industry when WE as a mass consumer group continue to purchase items in the fast fashion market. This is also true for the fabric that is used to make our clothes. Because of the fast fashion NEED, textiles are being made the quickest and cheapest way to keep the products flowing into retailers. Most of these fabrics contain polyester and nylon, which are man made fabrics. As these fabrics are being made, large amounts of green house gases are being released into our atmosphere. If little by little, WE make ourselves aware…WE start paying attention to where our clothes are being made…WE ask if a certain retailer has begun to make products with a “conscious” model, and WE make our purchases with this in mind, then the retailers will follow our pursuit. This trend is already happening. According to drapers.com (an online fashion industry publication), one of the retail and fashion trends of 2017 is sustainably made products answering the call of consumers interested in better made and long-lasting items.


With all of this knowledge, I knew that I could do my part to assist with the progression of ethical and sustainable products in the fashion industry. Over the past few months I have been researching fabrics, sample/pattern makers, cut & sew shops, etc. to have the means to make a high quality product for you. The Capsule Collection was created to provide you with the option of chic yet fun, ethical and sustainable fashion. I have had the opportunity to work with a great product development company in Austin, TX, Trunkist (www.trunkist.com).

High Waist Crop Pants with Flair and Pockets:  Available in black, hemp/organic cotton denim or rose gold vegan leather.


Together we prepared the preliminary work to get SixChel’s samples made for you to see before our official launch in the Spring of 2017. The fabric and color story for The Capsule Collection has been chosen and will include a black, Hemp/Organic,  Cotton Denim, a Twill, enzyme washed in a plum color, a Bamboo, Cotton Jersey in Teal and Vegan Leather (I HAD to include a touch of EDGE) in a Rose Gold shade. SixChel and Trunkist along with the help of our beautiful model, Elizabeth, have finished the first round of fittings and we could not be more excited to see that the manufacturer from Brooklyn, NY was able to construct the samples to near perfection. The next step is to get the samples made in the sustainable fabric that has been chosen with photoshoots to follow. I am truly excited to get The Capsule Collection out to you.


Ethical and sustainable fashion is the way of the future. Our goal is to create clothes that will make you feel beautiful, chic and sassy all while being a part of this fashion revolution.  As mentioned earlier, we are far from seeing 100% ethical and sustainable products, but with more and more interest from consumers and as developments in the fashion industry grows, more products will be created and available.


“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” – Oscar Wilde

Please sign up at www.sixchelbydinachavez.com for future blog posts, discounts and to receive updates about SixChel.  If you have already done so, please forward this to your friends and invite them to join us as we grow into ethical sustainability.


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Fashion Designer at SixChel: An ethical, sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman.

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