The SixChel Woman: Willing to Make a Difference

I love nothing more than shopping, shopping for cheap and trendy clothes, shopping for chic and designer brands and shopping to make a difference, you know like the pink Nikes for Susan G. Koman.  I, too often have a big mouth and sometimes speak my mind about the mistreatment of women or complain about how hot it is (especially, in Texas), but of course it has nothing to do with Global Warming (insert eye roll here).  So, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and to make a positive impact by going back to the drawing board with my fashion brand and re-Launch SixChel as a chic, ethical and sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman.  All our classy yet edgy designs will be made from sustainable fabric. SixChel had already been Made in America and will REMAIN AMERICAN MADE.  With the understanding that nothing is 100% organic nor 100% safe for you or the environment, SixChel is working towards acceptance of sustainable fashion. Together we can help with the ongoing improvement in the ethical and sustainable fashion industry and slowly get used to the idea that it is possible to do our part to help our environment and ourselves.

Our goal is to offer chic and transitional collections for the modern woman. Pieces that are wearable from work to dinner and comfortable enough to wear to run around town while being chic enough to meet your girlfriends for drinks after. SixChel is about celebrating women’s strength, boldness and individuality and encouraging woman empowerment.  We don’t want you to just wear our clothes; we want you to feel good about the positive contribution you are making to our environment and feel CONFIDENT about the beauty that you are.

SixChel is excited to re-Launch in the Spring of 2017 and are hoping you enjoy the process with us.  Please, sign up at to receive discounts, updates and information about our new, ethical and sustainable capsule collection.  Invite your friends into this journey and together, let’s make a difference!


Dina Chavez

SixChel: Sexy Chic Cool Chick

Author: sixchelbydinachavezblog

Fashion Designer at SixChel: An ethical, sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman.

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